Andrés Montoya's family and friends have sought to keep his memory alive. With the re-release of the iceworker sings and other poems and the publication of a jury of trees, Andrés's poetry can find a new generation of readers. But Andrés was also an educator and an activist, and his impact was more than just about the words on the page. He strove for societal change; he wanted the world to be a more equitable and just place. Andrés was passionate about his beliefs and he brought that passion into every interaction, whether with family and friends, fellow poets, or with his students inside and outside the classroom.


This website was created by Andrés Montoya's family to share information about his life and work. We also want to use it as a platform to help support the various Andrés Montoya initiatives, including the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize and the Andrés Montoya Creative Writing Scholarship at Fresno State. To support these initiatives please consider making a donation or purchasing any of the books or artwork below. All proceeds go toward supporting Andrés Montoya's legacy.


For more information about these initiatives or for further information about Andrés contact Maceo Montoya at

Lezlie Salkowitz-Montoya


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the ice worker sings and other poems

Andrés Montoya

Bilingual Press, 1999

reissued 2017

ISBN #: 978-0-927534-86-4


11.00 plus S&H

Description: Andrés Montoya's first book published in 1999, it was re-released in 2017. Winner of the Chicano/Latino Literary Prize as well as the American Book Award, the iceworker sings has influenced a generation of poets.

a jury of trees

Andrés Montoya

edited by Daniel Chacón

Bilingual Press, 2017


ISBN #: 978-1-939743-19-0


15.00 plus S&H

Description: Andrés Montoya's second book published in 2017. Montoya's best friend, Daniel Chacón, edited the posthumous collection and provided a moving introduction. It was nominated for an International Latino Book Award.

Letters to the Poet from His Brother

Maceo Montoya

Copilot Press, 2014

Hardbound, cloth cover

includes 10 removable prints


25.00 plus S&H

Description: A hybrid memoir woven between essay, painting, drawing, and poem. Maceo Montoya probes his lineage of artists, poets, and cultural activists after the death of his brother, poet Andrés Montoya, and grapples with the cultural legacy of his pioneering Chicano artist father, Malaquias.

Two Malaquias Montoya Catalogs:


Premeditated: Meditations on Capital Punishment (2004)

Snite Museum of Art, Notre Dame

56 pages, full color



Globalization and War: The Aftermath (2008)

Institute for Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame

56 pages, full color


Special offer - Get both exhibition catalogs for the price of one.


20.00 plus S&H

Description: Both full-color catalogs were produced in conjunction with traveling exhibitions of the same name. Malaquias Montoya, Andrés's father, is a pioneering figure in Chicano Art and these catalogs demonstrate the stylistic range of his artwork as well as its themes.


Premeditated: Meditations on Capital Punishment, Recent Works by Malaquias Montoya features silkscreen images and paintings, and related research dealing with the death penalty and penal institutions. As Montoya states in the catalog, "We have perfected the art of institutional killing to the degree that it has deadened our national, quintessentially human, response to death. I wanted to produce a body of work depicting the horror of this act."


Description: Globalization and War - The Aftermath, Works by Malaquias Montoya features charcoals, collages, silkscreen images, paintings, and related research dealing with the inhumanity and the unspeakable acts of war, corporate globalization, and its resulting displacement.


440.00 includes S&H

All proceeds from sales of this print will go toward the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize Initiative at Letras Latinas.


The Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize/Letras Latinas Initiative Print


Malaquias Montoya

Silkscreen 2010

20" x 26"

Edition 50

Description: Inspired by the poetry of his son, Malaquias Montoya created this limited edition silkscreen print to support Letras Latinas, the literary program of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame, and the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize. The print includes lines from, "the escape," a poem from the iceworker sings and other poems. Created in 2010, Malaquias had this to say shortly after its creation:


"My son Andrés's poetry has always inspired me especially those poems that reflect the San Joaquin Valley. Just as in Andrés's work, this print views the Highway 99 as an important symbol not only because it connects so many little towns throughout the valley, but also because it has always given hope to some that they might one day escape life's hardships and despair. I've always been deeply touched by the protagonist in Andrés's poem "the escape," a man who leaves, even if only in his mind, the love of his life on the 99."


To jump start the print initiative, Letras Latinas director, Francisco Aragón, encouraged buyers to share a photo of themselves with Malaquias Montoya's print. The photos are collected on a Letras Latinas blog post and feature many luminaries from the Chicano/Latino literary community.


Malaquias Montoya

Silkscreen 2001

20" x 26"

Description: Malaquias was always drawn to Andrés's poem "escape," and in 2001 he created a very small edition using lines from the poem: "he's sixty now and never been married and it doesn't matter that he's lonely, that he left the woman of his dreams, the hitchhiker he never picked up, somewhere on the 99 south of Selma in 1972."

250.00 includes S&H

Buy soon - only 7 remain of this limited edition print.